8 Steps to Build an End of Life Support Team

People near end of life often need a great deal of support. Building an end of life support team of trusted loved ones and advisors to make important decisions help ensures consistent, caring representation of your interests.

We recommend the following steps to build your end of life support team:
  1. Consider your specific needs
    The support team you choose will depend on your unique circumstances. Consider your preferences and needs for your dependents, care, property, financial and/or digital assets. Whether you want your extended family, social or online networks to be kept informed of your circumstances if you become unable to speak for yourself.
  2. Consider your preferences and resources
    Carefully consider whom you trust or feel most comfortable to fill each role. Try to match the person with the roles they seem best suited for. You may find that choosing the same person to fulfill multiple roles works best for you.
  3. Talk with advisors and loved ones
    To help you choose the right person for the right responsibility, get input from your loved ones and advisors before making your final decisions.
  4. Find more resources if necessary
    Consider all possible resources including family members, neighbors, healthcare and hospice providers, your religious community and professional or social organizations where you have affiliations.
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