Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD)

End of Life Management Toolkit #5 | by Team Passare and Y Colaborative

1. Advanced Healthcare Directive (AHD)

One of the most effective means to maintain control of your medical wishes is to prepare an Advanced Healthcare Directive (AHD). The AHD gives you to the power to choose the level of care you want if you are unable to communicate. Without an Advanced Healthcare Directive, you will probably receive the most aggressive treatments, even when the chances of helping you are very small. Advanced Healthcare Directive is used interchangeably with the term “Living Will.”

Helpful Hint: Adcanced Healthcare Directive forms vary from state to state so be sure to carefully read the associated terms.

Now, take a few minutes to answer these questions.
  1. How do you want to be treated if you are unconscious or in a life or death condition?
  2. Who should have a copy of your Advanced Healthcare Directive?
  3. What are your state’s requirements and terms for an Advanced Healthcare Directive?
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