Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD)

End of Life Management Toolkit #5 | by Team Passare and Y Colaborative

5. Why You Need to Know Your State Laws

The advanced health directive forms vary by state. For Texas, there are 17 pages including instructions and definitions. Kansas has only five pages; Hawaii has 11. Regardless how many pages you need to fill out, the forms are straightforward, so there is no reason to be discouraged. Use the state form of your primary residence to make sure your wishes are carried out. If you live in more than one state, it’s a good idea to fill out forms for each

If you find it difficult to decide what you want, Y Collaborative encourages you to talk with friends and family about your End of Life medical care. One helpful way is to purchase a small booklet, Five Wishes, and go through it with those who will be most involved in your end-oflife healthcare. This short pamphlet comes in 27 languages and costs $5. The Advanced Healthcare Directive has a section in which you can opt to donate organs if you’re interested.

Now, take a few minutes to answer these questions.
  1. What are the Advanced Healthcare Directive and DNR forms in my state?
  2. Do I want to donate organs?
  3. If I get the Five Wishes pamphlet, who should I go over it with?
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