Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD)

End of Life Management Toolkit #5 | by Team Passare and Y Colaborative

6. What’s Next

In the end, options for your personal care and treatments should be in your hands. The AHD and DNR close the gap between doctors, you and your loved ones. Now that you have an understanding of your options for your End of Life healthcare, we suggest you get started by printing out the Advanced Healthcare Directive checklist on the following pages.

If you decide to store the Advanced Healthcare Directive or DNR yourself, let your health power of attorney know where it is, or better yet, give him a copy. Make copies and familiarize your loved ones with your End of Life wishes. Copies should be accepted like the originals.

Take Action:

You can plan to leave with dignity and in the manner of your choosing through an AHD and DNR.

  • Use the Advanced Healthcare Directive Checklist to specify your wishes. It is on the following pages.
  • Take a look at the example of a Healthcare Proxy we have provided.
  • A Glossary of Advanced Healthcare Directive Terms is available on the following pages as a reference.

Following eBook #5: Advanced Healthcare Directive, is eBook #6: How-to Create Your Estate Plan. eBook #6 explains how to establish your estate plan and what documents are needed.

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