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How can we help children grieve when they may be too young to understand death? ??
A renowned music therapist has developed a grief therapy program that employs music, song and dance to help children ?deal with grief.  Read more on the power of music.

Most of us plan to live our best life. We plan for
our careers, families, vacations and retirement.  
Yet many of us avoid planning for End of Life.??

As part of Passare’s eBook series, experts
Y Collaborative, Robert Shepard and Susan Lieberman share recommendations on creating your End of Life plan.  Get your free eBook.

Delivering an inspiring eulogy is a chance to say a final goodbye to a loved one. It allows you
to pay tribute and share an interesting story about their life and legacy.

Reading our article now.

Exiting this world in peace and comfort is a dream we all share.  Most Americans say they want to die at home, yet statistics show many people will spend their final days in the hospital. 

Read more about improving the quality of
End of Life care


Our latest Infographic ‘Starting the Conversation’ explores ways to have the conversation about
End of Life planning.  Learn why discussing what matters most now can help you achieve peace
of mind.

The NY Times discusses how navigating
End of Life can be a confusing process. Learn
how one group helps patients and doctors
navigate Advance Healthcare Directives. 

Read the story and learn more about Advance Directives here.


Everyone experiences grief differently.  When a coworker is grieving the loss of a loved one, the impact to colleagues and the workplace may be substantial.  

Read more about how to support a grieving
r here.


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