Welcome to the August issue of Passare Passages, our monthly newsletter that helps you navigate End of Life issues and topics. Whether you are helping aging parents, or making decisions for yourself, we are proud to share relevant articles to make it easier. This month we discuss caregiver and hospice options, ways to protect your digital assets, and how to honor cultural diversity in End of Life ceremonies.

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Passare expert Nancy Rust of Y Collaborative discusses how to reduce stress by planning for End of Life.  Read the interview here.

Our latest free eBook looks at Hospice Care and how to choose the best option for a loved one at End of Life.

Cutlure plays a major role in End of Life services. Learn about diversity at End of Life here.

A story on NPR examines long-term care insurance. Read the article here.

If you’re caring for an elderly loved one, you know how challenging it can be.  Learn how caregiver support can make the difference.

Our infographic gives tips for preserving your social media presence.

Digital assets are now a part of our legacy, yet few of us have thought about what will happen after we pass. Read how to protect our digital legacy here.


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