Choosing End of Life Hospice Care

Choosing Hospice Care at End of Life: eBook #16

Choosing End of Life hospice care is important because everyone deserves a comfortable, peaceful End of Life experience. Hospice is a care option devoted to exactly this purpose: improving the quality of life for a person whose passage draws near. End of Life hospice care helps ensure a graceful passage by providing comfort, compassion and dignity.

As part of our eBook series, Passare shares resources and guidance to help you explore and understand issues surrounding End of Life hospice care. Passare helps guide you through one of life’s most important passages.

You Will Learn About:
  1. What is End of Life Hospice Care?
  2. What Services Does End of Life Hospice Care Offer?
  3. End of Life Hospice Care Options
  4. How-to Choose a Hospice Program
  5. When and How to Engage Hospice Care
  6. Financing End of Life Hospice Care
  7. How-to Ensure Your Care Choices are Honored
  8. Summary
The eBook includes:
  1. Frequently Asked Questions About End of Life Hospice Care
  2. End of Life Hospice Care Resource List
Estimated Time Required:

15 minutes


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