Choosing Your End of Life Support Team

If you’re creating an end of life plan, it’s a good time to choose people you trust to be on your end of life support team.

Consider Your Needs

Choosing your end of life support team may seem challenging however you can start by simply thinking about your needs. For example, do you have health issues to manage as you near End of Life? Do you own property or a business that will need management if you become unable?

Consider Your Preferences and Resources

Think about who may be best suited, and what skills are most important for each role. For example, your Healthcare Proxy (HP) or Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) should be accessible, and willing to support and defend your final care choices. Your Financial Power of Attorney (FPOA) should be able to manage your financial matters without conflict of interest.

Ask Questions

It may help to ask yourself some questions as you consider your end of life Support Team:

  • Will my choices stand the test of time?
    Think about how long and in what capacity you have known potentail team members. Consider how long you may need them to fill their respective role. For example, it may be best to choose a legal guardian who is capable of caring for minor dependents into adulthood.
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