Current Funeral Trends

Some of the latest funeral trends offer creative options to traditional funeral and memorial services that allow us to uniquely honor and celebrate a life well lived.

Funeral Industry Trends

Today, more people are interested in End of Life celebrations that reflects their unique personality, hobbies, and interests. People recognize that this milestone event doesn’t have to be somber; instead it can be a meaningful celebration of life that can include music, food, drink and more. Funeral homes now provide event planning services and can act as a funeral celebrant to manage all the elements and details of an End of Life event.

Another growing trend is advance funeral planning, where people plan their End of Life celebration. For some, it provides a sense of control over a final act. For others, it’s a way to bring family and friends together for a unique final celebration.

Internet Trends

Today, family and friends can send notifications about a loved one’s death and even attend a funeral service online. They can access electronic guest books to learn about funeral services and express digital condolences from anywhere in the world. Memorial websites enable family and friends to post pictures, videos, and share personal stories about their deceased loved one.

Environmental Trends

One environmentally friendly option to the traditional in-ground burial process includes, a “natural burial,” where a loved one’s body is wrapped in a shroud or placed in a biodegradable casket to decompose naturally. Click: or for more information.

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