End of Life Management 101

Making Time for Life Matters

Most of us plan to have the best life possible. We plan almost everything from our daily schedules to our families, careers, weddings, vacations, and retirement. One topic many of us avoid planning for is our end of life. Yet planning for this event is as important as planning for any other life event. Facing end of life honestly and talking about end of life management can be as empowering as it is inevitable.

Sharing our ideas and thoughts on end of life can bring peace of mind and knowledge that our wishes are heard, respected and will be honored. And, discussing end of life matters and issues helps you to make choices in a time frame and environment that is comfortable.

How-to Begin

End of life management and the related end of life planning may seem challenging at first. However, you can begin simply by thinking about yourself and your preferences. Consider these end of life management questions:

•    Whom do you want to make decisions about your healthcare and finances if you are unable to do so? Consider and select as many people as necessary to meet your specific needs.

•    What medical treatments and care are acceptable to you? Are there any procedures or treatments that you are certain you do not want?

•    Do you want to be hospitalized, or stay at home, or be moved to a care facility if you are seriously or terminally ill?

•    How will you pay for end of life care and funeral arrangements?

•    Are your loved ones prepared for the decisions they may have to make at the time of your death?

•    To whom might you want to leave personal assets, items and heirlooms after you pass away?

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