Estate Planning Basics

End of Life Management Toolkit #6 | by Team Passare and Robert L. Shepard

Estate planning basics is knowledge that everyone should know. Many people make the mistake of believing that unless they have property like Rockefeller, they don’t need to plan their estate or that a simple will is enough. Estate planning basics is important because a well-designed estate plan will give you financial security, take care of your assets, minimize your estate taxes and protect your family, regardless of the size of your estate. If you fail to plan ahead, a judge can simply appoint someone to handle your assets and personal health care. This someone will ensure your assets are distributed according to intestate succession, not on your terms.

Passare™ and Robert Shephard Professional Law Corporation™ have teamed up to answer your questions about estate planning basics, and help you learn what estate planning is, and determine what level of planning is best for your stage of life. This guide serves as a resource for estate planning basics.

You will learn

1. What is Estate Planning?

2. Objectives of Estate Planning

3. Identify Your Estate: First Step for Creating an Estate Plan

4. Types of Property

5. Methods of Owning Property

6. Property with Multiple Owners

7. What's Next

The eBook includes:

A. Estate Planning Basics Checklist

B. Example of a Power of Attorney

C. Estate Planning Glossary of Terms

Estimated Time Required:

15 to 30 minutes


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