Funeral Options

Funeral Options

Today’s funerals often include a wide-range of religious, spiritual, and
celebration options. It is important to consider your specific needs and
choose how you best want to be remembered and honored.

Main Elements of a Funeral

A funeral service is about honoring the loved one whose life has ended,
and providing comfort and support to those who remain.

Each phase of the funeral ritual is an important part of your loved ones’
journey toward recovery and healing. There are three essential elements
to planning a healthy, healing funeral experience:

•    Ceremony or Service:

A ceremony helps honor the loved one who has died and helps others
understand the reality of the death. Including the appropriate religious
or spiritual elements often offers hope to the grieving family and helps
in the search for meaning.

•    Procession:

A procession to the graveside is a strong symbol of unity, support, and
acknowledgement that something important has occurred. It helps
families transition from the funeral to the graveside together and accept
the finality of the loved one’s death.

•    Public or Private Gathering:

After the graveside or committal service, there is often an informal
gathering, sometimes called a wake, where friends and family continue
to share memories, express their condolences, and share comfort.

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