Graveside Visits to Honor Loved Ones

For family and friends, having a dedicated place to honor a loved one expresses respect for their memory and provides a place to remember and reflect.

Visiting the gravesite can also be a significant part of the healing process. Visits may provide a sense of unity as families struggle after a loss. It can be an important way to begin to process and work through grief.

Some people feel a sense of comfort or connection to their loved one at a gravesite. Others find solace in the quiet surroundings that are unique to a burial site. For many, visiting the gravesite simply allows them to feel closer to someone they love and miss.

Everyone Grieves Uniquely

People perceive death and gravesite visits differently. Some choose to grieve privately. Others feel more comfortable having loved ones around to support them. It is important to let each person mourn in their own way, on their own time without judgment or demands.

Use Sensitivity with Children

It is especially important to give children options when visiting a loved one’s grave. They may need more time to process, accept and integrate the loss. They may need a special outlet to express their grief. Make special considerations for children during a time of loss.

Grieving After Cremation

Sometimes, there is no gravesite to visit after a loss. Loved ones who have chosen cremation may not have a permanent, physical memorial like a gravesite or headstone. Yet families can still devote a special place to honor them.

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