Helpful Ways to Cope with Grief

Grief is a very personal experience. It is unique to each mourner, and often comes in waves. You may feel peaceful one moment and feel an over-powering emotion the next. These strategies can help you cope with, and recover from grief.

1.   Take time out

Experiencing grief is like recovery from illness. Some days will be easier than others. Recognize your limits. Prioritize things that must be done from those that can wait. If you must cancel commitments, people will understand.

2.   Avoid making big decisions

Grief can make it difficult to see beyond the pain you feel. Big decisions – like moving or changing jobs – can have unexpected, long-term consequences. Discuss important decisions with a trusted friend before you act.

3.   Communicate

Painful feelings held need to be released before you can start to heal. Ask friends to listen as you express your feelings. If you need more support, talk with a professional counselor.

4.   Express yourself creatively.

Creative expression can provide insight into the deep emotions of grief. Painting, sculpting, crafting, journaling, writing letters, or listening to music can help you express your feelings.

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