How-to Build Your End of Life Support Team

Life is always better when you have the dedicated support of others. This is especially true for End of Life. As you approach End of Life and after you pass away, you’ll need trusted loved ones and advisors to help manage your final matters, from your final care and services to your personal assets. Identifying an End of Life support team is a comforting, important way to achieve peace of mind knowing that your final wishes will be honored at your End of Life.

As part of our eBook series, Passare™ shares resources and guidance to help you build your personal End of Life support team. Passare helps guide you through one of life’s most important passages..

You will learn:
  1. What is an End of Life Support Team?
  2. Benefits of an End of Life Support Team
  3. Identifying Your Team and Their Roles
  4. When and How to Choose Your Team
  5. Creating Your End of Life Support Team
  6. Summary
The eBook includes:
  1. End of Life Support Team Checklist
  2. End of Life Support Team Resource List
Estimated Time Required:

15 minutes


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