How to Choose an Executor

End of Life Management Toolkit #2 | by Team Passare and Robert L. Shepard

How to Choose an Executor: Checklist
Item 1: Assign My Executor
Executor: Primary
Executor: Secondary
Both my primary and secondary Executor knows where my Will is located
I have informed my Executors of their responsibility and they are willing to assume the role.
Item 2: My Executor has the following capabilities
Good financial standing
Some knowledge of the state law and legal requirements for Probate
Over the age of 18
Item 3: Assign Trustee (If Applicable)
Trustee Name
Item 4: Attorney Information (If Applicable)
Attorney name and contact information:
Item 5: Informing my Executor
Both my primary and secondary Executor are aware of the responsibilities
My Executor approved of their title
My Executor knows the location of the importaint documents to carry out my wishes


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