How to Cope with Grief at End of Life

How-to Cope With Grief at End of Life: eBook #18

It's important to learn how to cope with grief because loss is an inevitable part of life. Experiencing the loss of a loved one is one of the most profoundly challenging of all human experiences. How to cope with grief is an important life passage. Grief is a natural, healthy part of the healing process. It can help us recover and offer a path to new beginnings.

As part of our eBook series, PassareTM shares resources and guidance on how to cope with grief after a friend or loved one’s End of Life. Passare helps guide you through one of life’s most important passages.

You Will Learn About:
  1. Defining Grief
  2. Common Responses on How to Cope with Grief
  3. Helpful Ways to Heal
  4. Finding Support for Yourself
  5. Comforting Others
  6. Accepting Your Loss
  7. Embracing New Beginnings
  8. Summary
The eBook includes:
  1. Frequently Asked Questions about How to Cope with Grief
  2. Resources for How to Cope with Grief
Estimated Time Required:

30 minutes


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