How-to Create an Online Memorial

How-to Create an Online Memorial

Creating an online memorial can be one of the most enduring ways to
honor and remember your deceased loved one.

Online memorials are websites that commemorate a loved one. They
bring friends and family together by encouraging communication and
are widely accepted as an integral part of the grieving process.

Online memorials allow you to honor your deceased loved one in a
uniquely personal way wherever you are, anytime you wish. For example, you
can upload multimedia to a gallery or slideshow, include a timeline to
chart your loved one’s life, or a family tree to display links to ancestors
and descendants. You may include a blog or journal for others to post
memories and tributes. Online memorials may be designated as private
for friends and family, or can be accessible by the public.

Online Memorial Services

Many web-based services host online memorial sites or help you build
your own. Facebook, for example, allows its users to commemorate a
deceased user including preserving their timeline. Or you can delete a
profile at a family member’s request. Other web-based memorial services
include these:

•    Evertalk is a Facebook application where you can upload photos and
biographical information. Visitors can post messages or photos or donate
funds for medical or funeral costs also.

• allows friends to submit photos and stories to create a
distinctive online memorial.

• allows users to organize and store social media accounts,
leave messages for loved ones after death, and more.

• is a secure online tool for leaving posthumous messages.

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