How to Deliver an Inspiring Eulogy

Delivering an inspiring eulogy is a chance to say a final goodbye to a loved one. It allows you to pay tribute and share an inspiring story about their life and legacy. Each eulogy is as unique as the person whose life it honors. It can be a positive message of comfort and peace.

Like public speaking, however, delivering a eulogy may seem overwhelming. The grief of losing a loved one combined with the stress of public speaking can be a challenge.

If you are asked to speak at a loved one’s funeral, these tips may help:

  • Compose your thoughts
    Practice. Prepare for emotional moments. Don’t try to memorize the speech. It’s fine to read from notes during the service.
  • Describe your loved one
    Think of your shared experiences. What were their interests or passions? When did you last see them and what did you talk about? Read a poem or letter or share a meaningful quote from a favorite author.
  • Introduce yourself
    Describe your relationship to the deceased. Make it personal.
  • Take a few deep breaths
    Speak slowly. Acknowledge your discomfort. Others will understand and appreciate your courage. Sip water and keep tissues on hand.
  • Focus on a friend
    Look at a friend or loved one who will encourage you when you first stand to speak.
  • Speak to your loved one
    What would they most like to hear you say? Focus on your feelings and memories instead of your discomfort.
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