How-to Handle Travel Emergencies

End of Life Management Toolkit #9 | by Team Passare and Y Colaborative

Travel emergencies can happen any time or place. “Life happens” while traveling away from home. Emergencies occur - both for the person who takes the trip - and for loved ones who remain at home. Fortunately, traveling is most often an exciting, productive, safe adventure. However, it's best to prepare for travel emergencies because you never know when an unexpected health care crisis, accident, natural disaster, or worse may arise. So play it safe, and prepare ahead before you travel.

Passare™, Y Collaborative™, and the Robert L. Shepard Professional Law Corporation share our best ideas for handling travel emergencies, specifically how to prepare for travel, so you can maximize the fun and leave the worry behind.

You Will Learn What to:

1. Do before you leave home for unexpected travel emergencies

2. Take with you during travel emergencies

3. Do when you arrive at your destination

4. Know when you travel with children

5. Know when you travel with pets

6. Know when you travel in the US

7. Know if you travel abroad for travel emergencies

8. Know if you travel by sea

9. Do if a loved one dies during your trip

The eBook includes:

A. Travel Emergencies Checklist

B. Travel Emergencies Resource List

Estimated Time Required:

30 minutes


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