How-to Handle Travel Emergencies

End of Life Management Toolkit #9 | by Team Passare and Y Colaborative

5. How to Prepare for Travel Emergencies When Traveling with Pets

Pets can add extra enjoyment to your trip. Our recommendations for traveling with your pet include:

  • Confirm that the place where you will travel allows pets. If you leave pets at home, provide care arrangements and instructions with a trusted loved one or kennel. Include veterinarian contact information.
  • Confirm that your pet’s vaccinations and other shots are current. Bring your veterinarian’s contact number.
  • Have an approved transport carrier for your pet. Check airline, bus, or train requirements before you leave.
  • Bring familiar food, treats, and a water bowl.
  • Do not leave pets alone for extended periods of time.
  • Allow for plenty of exercise and restroom breaks.
  • Try to acclimate your pet for travel by placing them on the floor of your car while driving so that they can get adjusted to car vibrations.
  • Bring a pet bed, a leash, and a few favorite toys.
  • Bring extra towels to use for accidents, or to provide a spur-of-the-moment sleep space.
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