How-to Manage Digital Assets

End of Life Management Toolkit #10 | by Team Passare and Evan Carroll

Your Digital Asset Management Checklist

To create and manage your digital estate, we suggest you do the following:

Identify and make an inventory of your digital content on your personal, remote and cloud accessing devices. Include email, social websites, and other important online accounts.
Provide the name of your intended heir, access rights, and your final wishes for each asset. For a template to help inventory your assets, go to:
Back up your devices and data. If you use online backup service websites, remember to add these accounts to your inventory list.
State your final digital asset wishes in your Will or in a digital addendum to your Will or Estate Plan.
Use digital estate planning services, posthumous email services, or ask your digital executor or heirs to carry out your final wishes after your death.
Ensure that your loved ones have the permission and access credentials to access the accounts you choose by reviewing your online account sites’ “Terms or Service” for transferring access to others after your death.
Communicate your final wishes directly to your loved ones, digital executor, or heirs.
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