How-to Manage Digital Assets

End of Life Management Toolkit #10 | by Team Passare and Evan Carroll

4. How-to Create Your Digital Legacy

When you create End of Life documents such as a Will or a Living Trust, you consider how to preserve your identity for future generations by passing on heirlooms, photos, videos and journals, and other assets of financial and emotional value. You can now preserve many of these items online to create your digital estate or digital legacy.

When you pass away, you will leave behind your own digital identity. Passing on your entire digital legacy will become more important as the cultural and technological shift to digital continues, and as your digital content becomes a richer reflection of all aspects of your life.

With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, there is now an opportunity to create a permanent online archive of your life or your digital estate that could exist well beyond your physical life. The Internet can’t make you immortal, but with planning, your d igital legacy could have a rich, lasting afterlife.

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