How-to Manage End of Life Planning

End of Life Management Toolkit #12 | by Passare™, Y Collaborative™Robert Shepard and Susan Lieberman

How to Manage End of Life Planning

Most of us plan ahead to live the best life possible. We plan almost everything, from our daily schedules to our families, careers, weddings, vacations and retirements. Yet many of us avoid End of Life planning. Making preparations for this inevitable time and sharing our wishes with those we love is as important as preparing for any other significant life event. End of Life planning helps families make the right choices at the right time. It gives us peace of mind knowing that our final wishes will be respected and fulfilled upon our death.

As part of our eBook series, Passare™, Y Collaborative™, Robert Shepard and Susan Lieberman share recommendations on how to explore, prepare and manage your End of Life planning. Passare helps you understand and simplify this process to give you control over one of life’s most important passages.

You Will Learn About:

1. Introduction to End of Life Planning and Management

2. Why Begin End of Life Planning?

3. When and How to Begin End of Life Planning

4. Starting the Conversation about End of Life Planning

5. Elements of an End of Life Plan

6. Storing Your Plan

7. Communicating Your Plan

8. End of Life Planning Costs

9. Summary

The eBook includes:

A. End of Life Planning Resource List

B. End of Life Planning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Estimated Time Required:

45 minutes


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