How-to Personalize a Physical Memorial

How to Personalize a Physical Memorial

Many grief experts believe that placing a loved one’s remains to
rest is an important ritual that provides closure. Additionally, it may help
grieving loved ones to acknowledge the reality of death.
Having a permanent physical memorial like a headstone or marker is
also an important step in the grieving process. It can provide a physical
place for family and friends to remember a deceased loved one.

Cremation Memorials are Important

With cremation, selecting a permanent marker is sometimes
overlooked. If you choose cremation, selecting a permanent marker is
still an important part of the healing process for grieving loved ones.

Telling a Deceased Loved One’s Story

Choosing a physical marker or headstone design begins with finding
the most meaningful way to tell a loved one’s story. There are many
personalization options available. You may choose the physical
memorial type, color or size and shape. You can also choose customized
adornments that will best tell a loved one’s story for future generations
to appreciate. Often, no-obligation consultations with designers can
provide a free rendering of your proposed memorial.

Physical Memorial Options

Choose an option that will help friends and family best express their
remembrance and love for your deceased love one. Options for permanent
physical markers include:

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