How-to Personalize Your Funeral

For centuries people have personalized weddings, birthdays and other important rites of passage. We customize life celebrations to reflect our culture, interests and passions. Yet until recently, funerals or End-of- Life events were often arranged by someone unknown to the family.

As more people decide to plan their own or a loved one’s funeral, there are many options to create a highly personalized End of Life celebration.

What is a Funeral?

A funeral is an important End of Life event to honor the deceased. Funerals provide us with a place to grieve, begin to heal and to adjust to life without our loved one. They also allow people to show their support for each other in meaningful ways. The three elements of a traditional funeral ritual include:

  • Ceremony or Service: Memorializes the deceased and helps mourners process the reality of the death.
  • Procession: Helps loved ones transition from the funeral to the burial or cremation site together.
  • Public or Private Gathering: Allows friends and family to share memories and offer support to one another after the service.
Ceremony Options

No two funerals are alike, nor should they be. Like a wedding or the birth of a child, they are an important life passage where you have one opportunity to make it special and personal. Ceremony or service options include:

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