How-to Prepare for a Loved One’s End of Life

How to Prepare for a Loved One’s End of Life: eBook #17

The end of a loved one’s life, however long and well lived, brings with it a sense of loss and sadness. Yet preparing for what to expect encourages us to focus on the value of our relationships and the richness of life in the present. It empowers us to offer the support and care our loved one needs to experience the most peaceful, comfortable End of Life possible.

As part of our eBook series, PassareTM shares resources and guidance to help you prepare when a loved one’s End of Life is near. Passare helps guide you through one of life’s most important passages.

You Will Learn About:
  1. The Benefits of Preparing
  2. Preparing for End of Life
  3. What to do When End of Life is Near
  4. Grieving and Your Loss
  5. Embracing Your New Normal
  6. Creating a Lasting Legacy
  7. Summary
The eBook includes:
  1. Checklist for How-to Manage After a Loved One Passes Away
  2. Frequently Asked Questions About Preparing for a Loved One’s End of Life
Estimated Time Required:

15 minutes


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