How-to Prepare for a Loved One’s End of Life

The Benefits of Preparing

Knowing that a loved one’s End of Life is near is an emotionally challenging time. Your loved one has been a part of your life for as long as you can remember, or your time with them seems too limited.

Preparing helps ensure the most comfortable, peaceful End of Life experience for your loved one. And, it may also help you and your family better adjust to your imminent loss. Consider the following benefits:

  • Provides companionship
    A loved one nearing End of Life has a real need for comfort and companionship. Your presence and support may ease their discomfort and fear, and help provide meaningful connections to family.
  • Encourages healthy dialogue
    Communicating with loved ones about important concerns, choices and goals helps strengthen family bonds. It may help us value relationships, avoid regrets and make important, timely changes.
  • Helps us make the most of life
    Living more mindfully in the present helps us enjoy all that we can with our loved one. It encourages us to live in gratitude and appreciate our lives and loved ones.
  • Clarifies final wishes
    Reducing trauma, confusion and conflict that may occur at End of Life is important. When you understand a loved one’s final preferences, you are able to dedicate more of your energy to care and compassion.
  • Ensures peace of mind
    Building comfort and trust with a dying loved one reassures them that their final preferences will guide decisions when the inevitable happens.
  • Helps us plan for respite care
    Respite care can help families rest and recover from the intensity of End of Life caregiving so that they may best support their dying loved one.
  • Encourages grief support
    Consulting with bereavement specialists or spiritual advisors before End of Life may help your family prepare for the coming loss.
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