How-to Prepare for a Loved One’s End of Life

Take a few minutes to answer these questions.
  1. What meaningful experiences can you share with your loved one now?
  2. What kind of respite care will provide you with proper rest and recovery during this time?
  3. What emotional, spiritual or bereavement counseling is available to help you and other loved ones prepare for and cope during and after your loss?
Preparing for End of Life

Even when we understand that a loved one’s End of Life is near we may not feel prepared to cope with it. No amount of preparation will help us avoid feelings of loss and grief when a loved one passes away. Yet preparing ourselves and supporting our loved one may defuse the trauma and confusion that can occur when we aren’t prepared. It may also help to lend comfort and dignity to your loved one’s End of Life experience.

The following suggestions may help you manage this challenging time and ensure that your loved one’s final wishes are honored:

  • Accept your loved one’s condition
  • Talk with family or loved ones
  • Help manage documents and tasks
  • Respect your loved one’s choices
  • Help your loved one gain comfort and peace
  • Get support for yourself and loved ones
Accept Your Loved One’s Condition

Someone you love is nearing End of Life. Acknowledging this is an important step toward helping your loved one live their remaining life as meaningfully as possible.

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