How-to Prepare for a Loved One’s End of Life

  • Make a toast or say a prayer or blessing in their honor
  • Plant a tree or shrub in your loved one’s name
  • Commemorate your loved one with a dedicated bench, plaque or other item
  • Celebrate the strengths you have developed as a result of your loved one’s death
  • Finish a project your loved one was working on
Take a few minutes to answer these questions.
  1. What memories, music, places or experiences are positive reminders of your time spent with your loved one?
  2. What positive ways can you express or explore your grief?
  3. How will you honor your deceased loved one on holidays or the anniversary of their passing?

“If not for death, would we appreciate life? We bring a deeper commitment to our happiness when we fully understand that our time left is limited and we really need to make it count.” This profound statement from American author and pioneer in near-death studies, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, reminds us that End of Life is a natural passage that all of us will experience. Preparing for a loved one’s End of Life offers us a chance to appreciate and deepen our relationship with them now, and add meaning and peace to their End of Life experience when the inevitable occurs.

Take a few minutes to answer these questions.

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