How-to Prepare for a Loved One’s End of Life

Help Your Loved One Gain Comfort and Peace

As your loved one nears End of Life, they and those important to them can find comfort and peace in how they are able to live their remaining life. Finding meaning through faith, spirituality and important relationships helps ensure peace.

Embracing Spirituality

If faith is important to your loved one, encourage them to express it in ways that feel appropriate to them. They may find comfort and hope in reading spiritual texts, attending religious services or praying. Encourage the companionship of people who understand and support their religious beliefs.

Saying Goodbye

Knowing End of Life is imminent offers your loved one a unique privilege: expressing important final words to those they love. Encourage them to share their feelings including thanks or forgiveness, and to give others a chance to say goodbye. This may help strengthen family bonds. It may also inspire conversation about important previously unstated thoughts, which may be meaningful for all.

Creating a Legacy

Your loved one may find it comforting to create a lasting legacy, such as a recording about his or her life or writing letters to loved ones, especially about important potential future events, like a wedding or the birth of a child. Sharing special family heirlooms or keepsakes is a powerful way to express love and farewell to loved ones.

Get Support for Yourself and Loved Ones

When someone you love and care for is facing End of Life, you will need support to help you manage the loss you are experiencing. It’s important to find someone who will listen without judgment as you talk about your feelings and mourn your loss. Take good care of yourself and your family. Eat nutritious meals. Get as much rest and exercise as you can. Try to spend time doing things that are calming and soothing to your soul.

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