How-to Store Your Documents

End of Life Management Toolkit #8 | by Team Passare and Y Colaborative

2. How to Store Your Documents and Access Your Will

In the event of your death, your loved ones will not know exactly what to do with all of your personal belongings and assets unless you create a Will. Your Will specifies how you want your possessions to be dispersed, and to whom, called your beneficiary or beneficiaries. It should also appoint a person whom you trust to carry out the details of your Will, called an executor. You should properly store your Will, and you must provide your beneficiary with access to it.

Your Will Documents Checklist
Important Will documents include:
  • Will Addendum Form
  • Digital Assets Form
  • Beneficiary Form
  • Executor Form
  • Trust Form
  • Will for Single People with No Children
  • Will for Married People with No Children
  • Will for Parents of Adult Children
  • Will for Remarried People with Adult Children
  • Will for Remarried People with Minor Children, including:
  • Guardian Form with specific child care instructions
  • Will for Grandparent with a Grandchildren’s Trust
  • Medical Treatment
  • Trust and Trustee Forms
  • Revocable or Irrevocable Trust(s)
  • Supplemental Letter Form
Now, take a few minutes to answer these questions:
  1. What Will documents do you need to store?
  2. How will you provide your beneficiaries access to them?
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