How to Store Your Documents

End of Life Management Toolkit #8 | by Team Passare and Y Colaborative

5. How to Store Your Documents and Access Your Digital Assets:

In addition to your important paper documents, you will likely have digital assets including email, domain names, social media, electronic images and videos, and financial accounts. You should detail your decisions about how to manage your digital assets in your Will, and store this with your other legal documents. Your executor or Power of Attorney must have access to your Will, other important documents, and your digital assets.

Digital Assets Checklist : 
  • Bank or other financial accounts
  • Social networking account(s)
  • Digital music collection
  • Email
  • Computer login
  • Personal computer files
  • Online photo albums or videos
  • Subscriptions
  • Domain registration(s)
  • Trademarks
Now, take a few minutes to answer these questions:
  1. Where are your digital assets stored?
  2. Does your executor have access to these files?
  3. What is your plan for communicating this information in the case of your death?
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