How-to write a will

End of Life Management Toolkit #1 | by Team Passare and Robert L. Shepard and Y Collaborative

5. How to Write a Will with the Necessary Documents

The following documents are recommended to be included your will. They help make sure your directives are clearly understood and help specify your End of Life wishes.

Durable Power of Attorney Allows you to name an agent who can act in your place should you become incapacitated, enabling them to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf.
Advanced Healthcare
Directive or Living Will
Expresses your wishes for End of Life medical care and treatment.
Health Care Proxy Designates a person in charge of carrying out wishes detailed in your Advanced Healthcare Directive.
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) A declaration that specifies to alert personnel that you DO NOT wish to receive CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
Donor Registry Document that expresses your wishes to donate organs.
Supplemental Letter Document expressing additional instructions.
Trust A Trust is a legal document created as specified in your Will.

Refer to our Glossary of Terms for a more detailed explanation of each document.

An Advanced Healthcare Directive, Do Not Resuscitate and Establishing Trusts are more fully explained in our upcoming eBooks.

Helpful Hint: An attorney can help you understand these legal documents and whether they are appropriate to include in your Will.

Take a few minutes now to answer these questions.
  1. Do my loved ones and physicians know my wishes for healthcare decisions should I become incapacitated?
  2. If so, do I have legal documents in place to be sure they are followed?
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