How-to Write Your End of Life Plan: 3 Basic Steps

Everyone wants a graceful, peaceful end of life experience. Most of us understandably put off planning how we want to address this inevitable life event. It can seem like a daunting challenge to anyone. Yet it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you start your week taking the first step, your basic end of life plan could be in place before the weekend. That’s an achievable goal that delivers long-term peace of mind for you and your family.

As part of our eBook series, Passare™, Robert Shepard, Y Collaborative™ share resources and guidance to help you simplify the process to create a basic end of life plan. Passare helps guide you through one of life’s most important passages.

You Will Learn About:
  1. What is a Basic End of Life Plan?
  2. Introduction to the 3 Main Steps
  3. Who Needs an End of Life Plan?
  4. Why Plan Ahead?
  5. Getting Started: Preparation
  6. Step 1: Complete an Advance Healthcare Directive
  7. Step 2: Write Your Will
  8. Step 3: Decide Your Final Arrangements
  9. Summary
The eBook includes:
  1. End of Life Planning Checklist
  2. End of Life Planning Resource List
Estimated Time Required:

20 minutes

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