How-to Write Your End of Life Plan: 3 Basic Steps Page 11

Checklist: How-to Write Your EOL Plan: 3 Steps
Learn about final care, asset distribution and final arrangement options
Make final decisions, identify your Healthcare Proxy and name beneficiaries

Step 1: Complete Your Advance Healthcare Directive
Find the correct AHD form for your state
Identify the care you want if you become unable to make decisions
Appoint a Healthcare Proxy to make medical decisions if you are unable
Complete, sign and date the AHD with witnesses and/or a notary public as required
Revisit and revise your AHD if your health changes

Step 2: Write Your Will
Find the correct Last Will & Testament form for your state or a will template
Identify and inventory your assets; include financial, personal and digital assets
Appoint an Executor to administer your estate; appoint a Digital Executor to manage your online accounts and digital content
Name beneficiaries whom you want to inherit your assets
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