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What is a Basic End of Life Plan?

A basic end of life plan includes relevant instructions and documents you need to put in place. By “basic” we mean the fundamental or baseline elements that make up a plan that ensures your final wishes are respected – and carried out.

Passare recommends an approachable way to think about end of life and to create a basic plan in 3 steps. These steps help you identify your wishes for end of life healthcare, asset distribution and final services. We’ve outlined this simplified approach to help every adult take action and put a plan in place now... whether you are 35 or 75.

While the issues surrounding end of life can be complex, this eBook describes the three main steps you need to take to protect your interests and final wishes. Each step includes a corresponding document which create your personal end of life plan. Once you’ve put your plan in place, you can share your plan with family and advisors to ensure that your final wishes are honored.

Introduction to the 3 Main Steps

While there are many issues to consider, to simplify this process we’ve focused on the three main topics that comprise a basic end of life plan:

  • Complete an Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD)
    Include final care and comfort procedures that you want or don’t want and appoint a healthcare proxy to make medical decisions if you become unable
  • Make financial decisions and write your will
    Include your wishes for your final services and for distributing your financial and digital assets and other possessions after you pass away
  • Decide your final arrangements
    Consider your options and make basic choices about what type of end of life celebration you would like and your final resting place
Who Needs an End of Life Plan?

Everyone needs a basic plan, and anyone can create one. If you or your loved one have dependents, own multiple assets including a business, property, investments or savings, we advise having a plan. You can always revise or expand your plan to fit your changing circumstances.

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