How-to Write Your End of Life Plan: 3 Basic Steps Page 3

Why Plan Ahead?

Your end of life plan provides you and your family with precious peace of mind. Recent studies show that most people believe it’s very important. Consider these statistics:

  • 90% say talking to loved ones about end of life is important, yet only 23% have done so
  • 60% say they don’t want to burden their families with making difficult end of life decisions for them, yet 56% haven’t communicated their own end of life wishes
  • 80% say that if they were seriously ill they would want to talk with their care provider about end of life care, yet only 20% have done so
  • 82% say it’s important to put their final wishes in writing, yet only 23% have done so

Putting your final matters in order doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time consuming. With careful, thoughtful planning you can organize your final matters and make decisions to ensure that your wishes will be followed. The benefits of planning include:

  • Personal control
    Allows you to determine your final wishes for end of life
  • Better decisions
    Relieves your loved ones from having to make complicated decisions during a stressful time
  • Financial savings
    Reduces overspending that can happen when loved ones need to make immediate decisions
  • Time
    Allows you to consider options while you’re healthy – from learning about issues and choices – to communicating your final wishes
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