How-to Write Your End of Life Plan: 3 Basic Steps Page 9

Step 3: Decide Your Final Arrangements

Your end of life wishes are the personal choices you make about a service and final resting place. There are multiple options to consider and no wrong choice. Once you have decided on these matters, you can also consider funding your choices. Some people consider pre-payment plans, while others prefer pre-paid insurance. There are many benefits to having your end of life events pre-planned and/or pre-paid, including reducing stress and financial burden on your family or loved ones.

Consider these options as you plan for your final arrangements:

  • Complete a planning checklist
    Our Funeral Planning Checklist helps you to organize and plan the details associated with your final services and end of life celebration.
  • Choose your ceremony and/or service
    Options include traditional, life celebration, graveside, memorial, cremation, direct burial, home or green funeral services, or making an anatomical gift to medical science.
  • Personalize the event
    You may customize many elements of your funeral by choosing funeral products and adding music, food, flowers, technology and other personal touches.
  • Decide your final resting place
    Options include burial locations, or scattering or transforming remains in to works of art, jewelry or other inspiring alternatives.

Take a few minutes to answer these questions.

  • How will you personalize your service to reflect your personality, life and/or values?
  • Where would you like your final services be held, for example, in your place of worship, at a cemetery, or in a loved one’s home?
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