Welcome to the July issue of Passare Passages, our monthly newsletter that helps guide you through End of Life matters. Relevant topics we are proud to share this month include: cultural diversity and End of Life traditions, demystifying funeral flower meanings, the importance of estate planning, and ways to pass on your digital assets.

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Passare expert Robert L. Shepard helps you navigate estate planning, wills and trusts.  Read the full interview here.

If you were to pass away today, how would your loved ones access your online accounts?
We found a helpful checklist for getting your digital assets in order.

There are many inspiring ways to incorporate family heirlooms and the memories of loved ones into your wedding.  Here we share some ideas to make them part of your special day.

Estate planning is always a trending topic.  View this insightful story that discusses 8 of the most common estate planning goals of couples. 

Read our latest eBook:  Understanding Cultural Diversity at End of Life.  Learn how various cultures observe and honor End of Life in our free guide.

Did you know every flower conveys a message? To express a particular sentiment, view our helpful Infographic to learn about their unique language.

Although our cultures, ethnicities and faiths may differ, we will all experience End of Life. Our latest article explores the importance of cultural diversity at End of Life. 


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