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End of Life Management

Most of us prepare and plan to live the best life possible. One topic many of us avoid is End of Life. Facing End of Life issues honestly, and discussing the End of Life Management process can be empowering.

Open conversations about End of Life matters help families to make the right choices in an environment and time frame that is comfortable. Have the discussion when your family is healthy, can evaluate options and make decisions together.

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Making Time for Life Matters
Once you share your ideas on End of Life Management and plans, you will often experience comfort and relief. These discussions help you and your family ensure that wishes are heard, respected and will be honored.

How-to Begin
End of Life Management and the related End of Life planning may seem challenging. You can begin simply by thinking about your preferences. Consider some of these End of Life questions:

  • How do you want to be taken care of at End of Life and what life celebration would you like when you pass away?
  • Who do you want to make decisions about your healthcare and finances if you are unable to do so?
  • Are there any treatments, procedures or types of care that you do not want?
  • If you are seriously or terminally ill do you prefer to stay at home, be hospitalized, or move to a care facility?
  • How will you pay for End of Life care and final arrangements?
  • Do you have adequate medical, life, or funeral insurance for your End of Life?
  • Are your loved ones prepared to make decisions at the time of your death?
  • To whom will you leave personal assets and items once you pass away?

End of Life Planning Guidelines
Passare offers some suggestions as a guide to help you start End of Life planning:

  • Think about your preferences and gather information for End of Life decisions.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider about your treatment options and prognosis if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Prepare your Advance Healthcare Directive.
  • Review your health and life insurance plans, and learn about the costs associated with End of Life, including nursing home care, and final costs of all services.
  • Create a financial inventory to help your family manage your affairs after your death.
  • Consider your funeral preferences and document your funeral arrangement wishes.
  • Prepare a Will, Estate, and Financial Plan.
  • Keep your plans safe and accessible, and communicate to your family or healthcare provider about the location of important documents.

For more information on End of Life Management and Planning Download End of Life Management 101 (PDF)


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