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You can think of our How-to Guides as toolkits that help introduce you to a range of compelling End of Life matters.  Our goal: to give you ideas that help you start to plan for the future.  We add new How-to Guides monthly.

Learn how to create a basic end of life plan in 3 steps with this simplified approach to end of life planning

Our 2014 collection of Passare’s best infographics help you easily plan and explore End of Life topics and provide a path for you to learn more.
Each infographic focuses on a distinct, important End of Life matter and highlights ideas, options and choices to help simplify End of Life decisions.

Choosing the right people to help support you when you near End of Life is an reassuring way to know you will have a team in place to help you - when you need it. This eBook outlines how to create a support team, what roles you will want to assign, and how to choose the best person for each role, that will ultimately give you peace of mind.

What do we mean by End of Life financial planning? End of Life financial planning is a process that includes reviewing your financial situation, evaluating choices and making decisions – a plan – about how you will finance your end of life. Our latest eBook discusses the steps to create an End of Life financial plan and why planing is an important way to provide for your loved ones and preserve your assets.

In the latest eBook on How to Cope with Grief, Passare shares resources and guidance to help you cope with grief of losing a loved one.

The end of a loved one’s life, however long and well lived, brings with it a sense of loss and sadness. Yet preparing for what to expect encourages us to focus on the value of our relationships and the richness of life in the present. It empowers us to offer the support and care our loved one needs to experience the most peaceful, comfortable End of Life possible.

Everyone wants a comfortable, peaceful End of Life experience. Hospice is a care option devoted to exactly this purpose: improving the quality of a person’s End of Life. Hospice helps ensure a graceful passage at End of Life by providing comfort, compassion and dignity.

It’s often said that appreciating differences in others helps us better understand ourselves, and that this is what ultimately unites humankind. Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan said, “We may have different religions, different languages and different colored skin, but we all belong to the same human race.” The same is true for End of Life. Our cultures, ethnicities and faiths may differ, yet End of Life is something we will all experience.

Staying well is an important part of a positive long-term plan to secure a healthy, happy life. Yet your life’s journey may include healthcare concerns you didn’t expect. Exploring long-term care options and developing a plan before a health crisis happens helps ensure that your choices will be honored if the unexpected occurs. 

The Veterans Administration (VA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) offer many US veteran benefits and services to servicemembers, veterans and their dependents and survivors. Active National Guard members and Reserve members may also qualify for many benefit programs.

End of Life planning is a thoughtful way to share our wishes with those we love. It helps families make the right choices during difficult times. It also gives up peace of mind knowing that our final wishes will be respected and fulfilled upoin our death. Passare's How to Guide on End of Life plannning enables you to explore, prepare and manage for End of Life.

There is no time like the present to consider planning this important event. Planning your funeral is an incomparable gift only you can give to your loved ones. Passaretm, in an collaboration with partners including FDLIC, share our recommendations on the topic of planning your funeral.

Email, photos, multimedia, online banking, and social media accounts are some examples of your digital identity. With so many assets online, it is important to know how do you preserve and protect your digital life once you pass away …

Travel emergencies can occur when you are traveling. It is helpful to know what to do when an unexpected health care crisis, accident, natural disaster, or death occurs...

Once you have written an estate plan, a will or completed an Advance Healthcare Directive, where do you store all these important documents? Learn how to store your documents safely and securely…

While the government ultimately dictates what happens to your estate, forming a trust can help you determine how your estate and its assets will be distributed. A common element of an estate plan includes a trust agreement.

Knowing estate planning basics is important because a well-designed estate plan helps preserve assets, minimize estate taxes and protect your family, regardless of your estate size…

An Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD) answers questions about medical care decisions and choices, should you become unable to do so yourself. Having an AHD helps family and doctors to understand your exact instructions...

Life insurance review is a necessary component of End of Life planning. Finding the proper life insurance for you or your family members can be a difficult task, but it is important to protect you, your family, and your business from uncertainty…

Understanding probate and the factors of probate that affect you and your family is extremely important. Under probate, state laws determine who gets control of your estate and your assets if you do not give instructions.

Attorney at Law Robert Shepard shares tips on how to choose an executor. Selecting a qualified executor to administer End of Life documents ensures a smooth probate proceeding.

How to Write a Will is a step-by-step resource guide for creating your will. The ultimate goal is to ensure your family is provided for and your wishes are documented.

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