List Of Documents To Store

After preparing a Will, Estate Plan, or any legal or other important document, you may ask, “Where should I store these critical documents?”

You should store all legal or other official documents in a safe, secure space. Since these documents are essential to both your daily life, and your loved ones’ inheritance, it is important to establish both a secure space, and proper access privileges, to protect your most important documents and online assets.

Remember, both written and online documents, and digital assets – including content from computer email, social media accounts, and financial and business accounts, must be protected and stored securely.

Important legal documents you should store securely include:
  • W ill, including executor instructions
  • Medical Power of Attor ney
  • Fiduciary Power of Attor ney
  • Advance Healthcar e Directive (AHD)
  • Health Car e Proxy
  • Dir ective to Physician
  • Do Not Resuscitate (DNR), if applicable
  • Donor Registry , if applicable
  • Estate Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Trust
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