Long-Term Care Options and Planning

Long Term Care Options and Planning: eBook #14

You should be thinking about long-term care options. Although staying well is an important part of a positive long-term plan to secure a healthy, happy life. Yet your life’s journey may include healthcare concerns you didn’t expect. Exploring long-term care options and developing a plan before a health crisis happens helps ensure that your choices will be honored if the unexpected occurs.

As part of our eBook series, Passare shares information and guidance on long-term care options that help you understand and plan for this important part of End of Life Management. Passare helps you simplify this process to give you control over one of life’s most important passages.

You Will Learn About

1. What is Long-Term Care?

2. Why Plan Ahead?

3. Who Needs Long-Term Care?

4. Available Long-Term Care Options

5. Considering Long-Term Care Options & Creating a Plan

6. Financing Long-Term Care Options

7. Summary of Long-Term Care Options and Planning

The eBook includes:

A. Long-Term Care Options and Planning Checklist

B. Long-Term Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Estimated Time Required:

30 minutes


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