Managing a Loved One’s End of Life Matters

The loss of someone close to you, especially a family member, is a time of intense grief and loss. It may seem difficult to do everyday tasks like preparing meals and shopping for groceries. Just when you think you’re starting to cope with your grief, a sudden memory may be retriggered.

There are also many practical End of Life matters to manage. Financial organizations and government offices must be notified. Credit card and insurance companies must be contacted. Personal and legal matters must be settled. Managing these important End of Life actions will take some time. Passare recommends ways to help you organize and settle the practical matters after a loved one’s death:

Verify Benefits

Contact the Social Security Administration about benefits, procedures and forms. 800-772-1213 or

Contact the Veteran’s Administration to ask about benefits, required forms and procedures. 800-827-1000 or

File Insurance Claims

Notify automobile, business, home, life and health insurance companies. File claims for all policies in your loved one’s name. Revise titles on your vehicle(s), and home(s), and change the beneficiary name on all insurance policies.

Include a certified copy of your loved one’s death certificate with each claim. Your funeral service provider can obtain copies for you or direct you to the appropriate county office.

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