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Why Plan Ahead? 

If you are like most people,  you prefer to think
about funerals only when you attend one.  While thinking about your mortality may not be easy, one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your loved ones is to plan your 
own funeral.

You can’t prevent the grief experienced after
your death.  However, you can prevent much of
the worry and stress that occurs if loved ones
must plan a funeral.

There is no time like the present to consider
this important topic.  Why not begin planning today? Passare shares insights in its How-to Guide,
How-to Plan Your Funeral.

Online memorials commemorate a loved one and help preserve their legacy.  They bring friends and family together by encouraging sharing stories,  pictures and more,  and are widely accepted as an integral part of the grieving process. 

Learn how you to create a perfect online memorial.  Download our free Article. 

It's often difficult to face that as our parents age,
they may need help with decision-making and care.

Talking with aging parents about legal, financial,
and long-term care issues is 

Passare recommends ways to start a dialogue about End of Life planning with your parents.

It's important to understand the meaning of headstone symbols because they represent 
information about the personality, customs and profession of a deceased loved one.

Passare’s latest infographic shares the meanings of these symbols.• 

When you consider each person has an average
of 25 online accounts, what happens to your digital estate when you pass away?  

Evan Carroll,  co-founder of the blog "The Digital Beyond",  co-author of "Your Digital Afterlife,"  and a Passare expert contributor,  joined PBS NewsHour to discuss the growing legal issue of online privacy laws.  
Read more: 


Planning ahead is often difficult. Planning for your own funeral, while challenging is also smart and a great help to loved ones.

Learn the 5 Reasons to Plan Your Funeral
to help give peace of mind and reduce stress
on your family. 


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