Planning a Funeral to Honor a US Veteran

If your loved one was a US military Servicemember or Veteran, they have earned our nation’s respect and gratitude. Whether they served during wartime or peacetime, were on active duty or retired, they deserve an honorable funeral service that officially commemorates their dedication and service to our country.

You can plan a funeral to honor a US Servicemember or Veteran loved one by requesting Military Funeral Honors from the Department of Defense (DOD), and burial and memorial benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA).

Requesting Military Funeral Honors

The DOD provides Military Funeral Honors to Active Duty, Reserve and Veterans through its, “Honoring Those Who Served” program. Ceremonial funeral honors are a distinguished way to show our nation’s appreciation to those who have faithfully defended our country and to the sacrifice their families endured.

Military units are required to appoint a two-person uniformed detail to be present at a Military Funeral Honors ceremony; one person must represent the deceased loved one’s branch of service. The ceremony will include playing of the music, “Taps” and folding and presentation of the US flag to the next of kin. Additional elements, including rifle detail, color guard, military pallbearers, caisson and military flyover are available if personnel and resources allow. For more information, please visit:

Obtaining Burial Benefits and Services

The VA provides benefits, services and allowances to reimburse burial and memorial costs for US military Servicemembers and Veterans.

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