Rediscovering Life After Loss

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging of all human experiences. Grieving your loss is an important life passage and a natural part of the healing process. It can help you recover and offer a path to new beginnings.

Your recovery may take more or less time than you expect. Everyone grieves according to his or her own timeline. Recovery can include alternating feelings of emotional upset and peace. The sadness of losing someone you love may never go away completely. Yet with time and support, healing occurs. Gradually, you’ll be ready to discover a new life beyond grief and your loss.

Set Small Goals

You may find that setting small goals is helpful. For example, going to a movie tomorrow and taking a trip to visit a friend next week may help you get through the immediate future following your loss. With time, you’ll gradually be able set longer-range goals.

Consider these suggestions to embrace recovery after losing your loved one:

Gain Perspective
  • Learn something new
    Are you interested in resuming or expanding your education? Enroll in an adult education or fitness class or join a book club. Acquiring new skills, interacting with others and staying physically active can promote healing.
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