September 2014

Welcome to the September issue of Passare Passages, our monthly newsletter to help you navigate End of Life topics.  Whether you want to learn about estate planning for women, understand Veteran benefits, or explore how different cultures observe End of Life, we are proud to share these relevant articles. Other highlights this month include: a new How-to Guide on preparing for End of Life, and a helpful article on long-term care insurance options.

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Expert contributor Dorian Carr, a US Air Force Veteran with over 21 years of honorable service, answers End of Life questions.

Find compassionate, helpful recommendations to prepare for a loved one's End of Life in this useful free eBook.

We found an interesting story about an iPad app that uses art to let you say goodbye to your loved ones.

Discover how your cultural perspectives may influence your End of Life care decisions in this informative article.

This story from the LA Times shares in-depth views on long-term healthcare insurance.

Our latest infographic gives tips for estate planning for women. 

Here is a heartwarming story about a computer literacy program for elders, started by teens. It's called “Cyber-Seniors."


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