Something Borrowed: Give New Life to Family Memories

There are many inspiring and creative ways to incorporate family heirlooms, traditions and memories of your deceased loved one into your wedding. Here are some ideas to honor deceased loved ones and make them part of your special day:

  • Wear a piece of your loved one’s clothing or jewelry
  • Create custom bridal bouquets using heirloom jewelry or photos
  • Add your loved one’s favorite flowers to your bouquet or centerpieces
  • Ask family to place arrangements on loved ones’ graves after the wedding
  • Display photographs in centerpieces or at the Guest table
  • Incorporate mementos, photo charms or wedding rings into bouquets, boutonnieres or centerpieces
  • Display photos of loved one as part of the décor or in a specific area
  • Ask your officiant to say a few words about your loved one
  • Read from or display an heirloom bible
  • Display photographs in centerpieces or at the Guest table
  • Light a candle to symbolize your loved one’s memory
  • Read letters, poems or notes from your loved one
  • Include a dedicated tribute in your program or website
  • Dedicate a song, reading or moment of silence to your loved one
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